Multi-split air conditioning


Up to five indoor units can be connected to a single condenser for standard domestic applications. These systems are perfect for units and high density housing where space is at a premium.


Rooftop package units have traditionally been the most popular solution to air condition large open areas such as factories, shopping centres etc. where large capacities are required. These roof mounted systems are self contained and have ducting penetrating the roof supplying the building below, therefore minimising noise and roof sp[ace requirements. With plant located on the roof they also offer ease of servicing and reduced installation costs.


Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is fast emerging as the most popular way to air condition large homes and commercial properties. Single or multiple condensers can be banked together to offer an almost unlimited capacity range. These condensers are able to vary the volume of refrigerant to remote fan coils to enable maximum cooling where it is required. These systems are perfect for large homes with limited ceiling space and commercial properties where different temperatures are required in different areas or where heat loads in area are constantly changing.


These flush mounted ceiling units fit discretely into the ceiling and have outstanding air distribution qualities by delivering air in four directions. Perfect for large open plan living areas and office spaces, especially where wall space is limited .


Where wall space is a problem these sleek and stylish units may be mounted against the ceiling or at floor level against a wall. Perfect for houses, schools, apartments etc with large amounts of glass and very small sections of wall.